Read This Lovely Book This Valentine’s Day

Hi! And welcome to Lived-In Design! Today we’re launching our first franchise series, “Second Sunday Book Swap.” As sisters, we’re constantly swapping books and suggesting new, fun reads for one another.

SHOP So we decided to share our favorites from our ever-growing list with you and hope that you will tell us your favorites as well! On the second Sunday of each month, we will profile a different book on the Lived-In Design blog. In return, we ask that you “swap” a book of yours with ours and tell us what you are reading now or suggest a book to be featured on a future post. We LOVE to read here at Lived-In Design and are firm believers that some of the best design inspiration can come from the pages of a fabulous book. So, enjoy! And we look forward to hearing from you. Oh, and follow us on Instagram at @livedindesign and tag your favorite reads with #BookSwap.

For our inaugural Second Sunday Book Swap, we are featuring Stephanie Evanovich’s adorable novel, Big Girl Panties.


This book has it all!! Humor, flirting, romance, intrigue. It’s the kind of book you will stay up all night reading because you have to know what happens next.

The heroin, Holly, is a thirty-two year old widow who, due to her grief, has unfortunately packed on quite a few pounds. She finds herself depressed and alone, until she meets handsome personal trainer, Logan, who offers to help her get back in shape. As her weight sheds, Holly’s confidence emerges along with a killer body and an appetite for all things Logan (oh yeah). But does Logan feel the same way??

pink-peonies-sm1While the plot might sound a little corny, this book is actually quite wonderful. Holly’s journey of self-discovery is deeply emotional and will touch a place in the heart of any woman who has ever felt self-conscious (cough cough *all of us*).

This book is sassy, classy, fun, and such a breath of fresh air. Evanovich’s writing is smart and witty, so even the most well read of you will enjoy this quick read.

We bring you this book just in time for Valentine’s Day! What romantic read will you send our way?


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